Sugar for Absinthe

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Sugar isn't always the same - some sugar cubes you can buy at your local super market may have been pressed together too tightly, and won't easily dissolve when you drip water over them.

This is why these sugar cubes are ideal for the French ritual - especially made for the preparation of absinthe, they start to dissolve immediately when water is dripped over them.

This set includes 17 packs with 2 sugar cubes contained in each of them, this should enable you to have the sugar last for a whole bottle of absinthe.
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    17 packs with 2 cubes each
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    17 packs with 2 cubes each
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By Jasper

Added on the : 15/04/2020 English

It's sugar! But they work really well and dissolve super easily so there isn't granules of sugar at the bottom of the glass!

By King of Crows

Added on the : 25/01/2020 English

I didn't think this sugar was going to be THAT different but I was surprised to see how much smoother this dissolved over my typical "Dots" sugar. Worth it? Yes and no. It is just sugar after all. It is also only $1.50 more added to your cart. For me; if I'm going to do something I'm going to do it right; and if its just 1.50 more than, meh, why not?

By Debra

Added on the : 29/10/2019 English

Frankly, I bought the sugar to bring my bill up to the "free shipping" level. I don't use sugar in absinthe. However, I enjoying having the sugar cubes on hand to serve to friends who like sugar in their absinthe, or even in their tea!

By KatmanDo61

Added on the : 15/05/2019 English

Really like this sugar. Nicely packaged to accompanying this liquid spirit.

By GU32

Added on the : 13/12/2018 English

Perfectly wrapped and brilliant to use. Thank you.

By tasminman

Added on the : 19/08/2018 English

nice package,great sugar cubes ,just the job for your Absinthe


Added on the : 06/08/2018 English

Great order - discreet packaging and very fast. Delicious, authentic absinthe!

By Csaba

Added on the : 31/10/2017 English

This is the best sugar for absinthes, easily dissolves in the glass and is very nicely packed.

By Fairy85

Added on the : 19/10/2017 English

Just what I needed, this sugar really works with absinthe

By Todd

Added on the : 25/09/2017 English

Its the perfect size and melts and mixes rather quickly.

Results 1 to 10  (out of 22)

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