Swedish Absinthe

Sweden is home to quite a few admirers of top-quality absinthe, and so far, two groups of friends have decided to turn their passion into something bigger, and found micro-distilleries. The absinthe made by them is wonderful.

In 2012

, the first absinthe distillery in Sweden opened its doors, the Valkyria distillery. Henrik Larsson at Valkyria continues to make well-crafted absinthe, and some curious (and delicious) experiments too. A few years later, 'Svensk Absint' opened their doors, a distillery run by two friends, making absinthe using home grown and foraged ingredients like wild wormwood.
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A green organic absinthe from Sweden with spicy and citrusy notes.

The distiller of this organic absinthe is Thor Wallgren who was part of the founding team of the first ever absinthe distillery to be opened in Sweden, the Valykria distillery, formerly known as Sankta Annas Bränneri. The distiller has created his very own absinthe reci ...

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