The Oak Aged Absinthe Valkyria - 50cl

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An awarded Swedish absinthe, aged in Swedish oak. A must for everyone who is curious about barrel aged absinthe.   Read the whole description

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Absinthe Valkyria - the first Swedish distilled absinthe - follows the greatest of absinthe traditions: only quality herbs and a distillation achieved with a great deal of love, care and attention. The original Swedish Absinthe Valkyria means Sweden has an absinthe to be proud of.

This edition was aged in a barrel made of Swedish oak, where it has adopted flavour and aroma characteristics that are similar to those of a Cognac, or Whisky. The distillers deliberately didn't want these flavours to become overpowering. It was important to them to maintain the citrusy and floral attributes of the original Valkyria. The subtle hints of vanilla and oak, which the Valkyria has developed during its time in the barrel, invite you to sit back and enjoy a glass on the rocks.

Henrik Larson with their oak aged Valkyria

Henrik Larsson, one of the distillers with the first ever glass of oak aged Valkyria

Here is what our friend and absinthe reviewer Markus Hartsmar from says about it:

"For anyone who hasn't tried a barrel aged absinthe before, this is a nice start. [...] A limited number of bottles will be released by the start of February and if you're happy with the original Valkyria I do suggest you get one of these and do a side by side tasting. That way you can easily see what the barrel aging does..."

The Oak Aged Absinthe Valkyria comes in a slender and elegant dark green bottle, to protect the precious, naturally green absinthe within.

Discover the tasting notes over on our blog.

Valkyria, Sweden

Makers of the first Swedish absinthe! The Valkyria Distillery is a youthful distillery. Starting out in 2011 in a disused church and going by the name 'Sankta Annas Bränneri', this is a true absinthe micro-distillery, with distillation, bottling and almost everything being carried out by owner Henrik Larsson. A lot of love goes into these spirits.

Absinthe Valkyria was the first legal Swedish absinthe, and since it has been launched has gained lots of fans, and been awarded a respectable number of medals in international spirits contests.

The distilleries other absinthes are also unique: Absinthe WOLF, light on anise, still very drinkable indeed. A collaboration with the heavy metal band of the same name. And Midvinterblot, an amber absinthe, with cinnamon and Swedish winter spices - unique!

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