Cocktail Recipe by Dr. Sours: RUZCALI


One of our favorite new cocktail recipes is the RUZCALI – created by Manuel Weißkopf, CEO of Dr. Sours Bitters. We hosted a Bitters Tasting with him, where he came up with a couple of brilliant cocktail creations using their MZCL, some of our absinthes, and their Cocktail bitters.

Cocktails with absinthe – the RUZCALI

This is what you need to create this refreshing yet sweet and smoky cocktail:


When finished, the RUZCALI looks like a nice glass of fresh apple juice – it’s far more than that though!

How to prepare the RUZCALI

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing glass, add ice cubes and stir gently up to 30 seconds to chill. Straight strain into a chilled cocktail glass without ice. Server with an orange peel.


More cocktail recipe’s using Dr. Sours Bitters are available here.


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