Absinthe Amave Tasting Notes by Stefanie

Absinthe Amave by the Zufanek distillery in from Czech Republic is one of many fine spirits made by Martin Zufanek. It’s also his first ever Blanche. Absinthe Amave is inspired by traditional recipes from Swiss Bleues, but with a slight fruity twist.

Color: Clear

Louche: Nice, well balanced louche that forms rather quickly. Not too much star anise used.


Aroma: Classical scent of anise with some light citrus and vanilla notes. Overall, a fresh and soft aroma.

Taste: Slightly sweet taste with a very subtle bitterness. Anise and wormwood are well balanced.

Finish: The finish is not overwhelming, achieving the effect of inviting you back for more. A perfect absinthe for beginners that is easy to drink, not too sweet and not too bitter. You can can consider this a ‘session’ absinthe.

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