Absinthe Angélique Verte Suisse tasting notes by Marc Thuillier

Angéliquebuy_absinthe_angelique_online is the “green” big sister of the Clandestine from Claude-Alain Bugnon (68% versus 53%). Produced in the Artemisia distillery in the Val-de-Travers, its recipe includes 12 different herbs, with of course, as the name itself indicates: angelica (Angélique in French).

It is supposedly rebel and wild, let’s see what Marc Thuillier thinks of this Verte:

Color: bright pale green with golden glints.

Aroma before water: herbal and floral at the same time, with some nice notes of angelica and grand wormwood. Very harmonious.

Louche: progressive at first, and then quickly opaque. Nothing spectacular but it’s clean.

Aroma after water: quite closed on itself now, only a faint aroma of verdure stands out.

Taste: anise dominates for sure, along with some fresh and herbal notes leaning towards a lightly minty wormwood in the end. But apart for the anise, nothing is really taking control of the glass, it’s a nice bouquet of herbs you have to welcome as it is.

After taste: anise is still in pole position, well present on the tongue. But what really stays for a long time in mouth in the end is a feeling of spring, of pasture.

Conclusion: Claude-Alain Bugnon masters his absinthes, no doubt, he is a master in the art of making stable and balanced absinthes, and this Angélique proves it once again. Unlike the majority of the absinthes from the Val-de-Travers, this one deserves to be tasted with and without sugar, just to find out your own preference.


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