Absinthe Bizarre tasting notes by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe Bizarre is a creation from mister DuVallon – famous for the absinthe of the same name – for the Cabaret Bizarre in Basel, Switzerland. With all the talent that we know of him, it is a bit difficult to imagine an absinthe of poor quality, quite the contrary, but let’s study it closer nevertheless…

Color: the coloration is very light and it reflects on a very pale color.

Aroma before water: anise and fennel are very upfront. An enigmatic herb appears at the end of the bouquet.

Louche: some beautiful dancing clouds are forming right at the beginning, and then change quickly into a 100% opaque liquid.

Aroma after water: aromas have changed, and it’s now a more minty absinthe that we are facing.

Taste: a definitely refreshing and thirst-quenching absinthe! A good touch of bitterness can be immediately tasted, as well as a nice roundness et a sweet balance of the savors, even if the anise is very upfront (which is quite expected in an absinthe worthy of the name). A minty touch muscles in towards the end of the sip.

Mouth feel: the palate stays numbed by the anise, but the minty note cools it at the same time, which gives a very pleasant feeling. The bitterness stays for quite a while too, but in a good way, not in a repulsive way at all.

Conclusion : an absinthe to put in the “summer” category. It is truly thirst-quenching while still being round and creamy (depending on the quantity of water used, see below).

How to drink Absinthe Bizarre

Excellent question! With a low dilution (2-3 parts water for one part absinthe), you’ll get a thick, round and creamy absinthe for the evening. Add one or two parts water and you’ll get a lighter and more refreshing absinthe to enjoy at noon under the sun. Try both anyway. I recommend the Bizarre without sugar, unless the bitterness is really disturbing you, but you’ll lose its thirst-quenching aspect.

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