Absinthe Bovet le Chat Tasting Notes by Miriam

By Miriam

The Bovet Le Chat absinthe is made at a local family distillery in Switzerland, and can be described as a classic and typical Swiss Bleue. Since I have a weakness for all absinthes made in the Val-de-Travers (they are my kryptonite), I thought I’d seize the opportunity to let you in on my opinion about this one!



Color: clear

Aroma before water: Aniseed and wormwood are in the forefront and melt together in a lovely licorice or, to me, “chocolatey” aroma. My colleague Marc often describes this as “candy” – anyway, it is a very inviting and sweet aroma, clearly dominated by anise. Since this absinthe is bottled at 54% abv. it’s quite light and there is no biting aroma from high abv.

Louche: A little slow at first, but then the louche turns into a nice, cloudy white, even creamy.


Aroma after water: The touch of wormwood from before has almost disappeared, now anise and fennel are the dominant aromas, but it smells very fresh and inviting to start sipping. And that’s what I’ll do.

Taste: So delicious! A lovely sweet taste takes over (I don’t think anyone ever needs to add sugar to this one!), delivered by an almost creamy taste of aniseed without being too dominant or without the usual sting or bite. Wormwood and fennel are also there, but almost incognito in the background. Overall the Bovet Le Chat is a well-balanced and uncomplicated Swiss Bleue making you crave more of it.

Finish: Aniseed has left a thin layer of sweetness on my tongue that tickles, but in a nice way. It’s not biting or overpowering at all. Who pays very much attention can catch a nuance of wormwood far away on the palate.

Conclusion: A perfectly round, clear absinthe that’ll make Pastis lovers, absinthe beginners or fans of Val-de-Travers absinthes like myself turn cartwheels! A great reference from the birthplace of absinthe that should be part of your absinthe cabinet.

How to drink absinthe Bovet Le Chat

As I mentioned before, I don’t think this absinthe really needs sugar – however it is, as always, your choice. I know absintheurs who add even two pieces of sugar to any absinthe they’re having, and I know people who rarely have sugar with even the strongest absinthe brands around. I believe in the case of the Bovet Le Chat, you can leave out the sugar.

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Very mellow, this absinthe is nicely balanced. Worthy of the best “Bleues”.

The Bovet Le Chat absinthe is a very mellow and well-balanced absinthe. One can consider is a typical, classic Swiss Bleue with strong notes of aniseed and wormwood. Its fairly low abv. gives the Bovet Le Chat absinthe a very refreshing taste and therefore m ...

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