Absinthe des Chats Tasting Notes by Miriam

This Swiss absinthe is distilled at the Val-de-Travers, in one of the oldest buildings that are recorded to be associated with absinthe. According to the distillers of the Absinthe des Chats, ancestors have been cultivating herbs for absinthe on this land since 1777. The relatively young absinthe distiller Kevin Nebel combines today’s ideas with the prestige and excellence in absinthe distilling from the Val-de-Travers.

I use an absinthe fountain when writing tasting notes for absinthes and adjust the drip as slowly as possible.

Color: Clear.

Aroma before water: Very pleasant. No spiciness at all. Sweet and refreshing.

Louche: Absinthe des Chats louches very nicely. At first there are the usual oily layers before the drink starts to become cloudy. The whole process seems as if it was designed to be perfectly timed – after the oily layers start to turn into small clouds, the drink turns into an entirely white opaque at a single pace. No explosions, no change of speed – very nice. The color at the end is a bright white and there is no blue tint.

Quite unusual for a Swiss Bleue: The bright, almost icy white color after water has been added to the Absinthe Maison de Chats.

Aroma after water: Very sweet and refreshing. I can’t imagine this absinthe taste bitter or earthy, because its aroma is very floral and “airy” or “breezy”. I look forward to my first sip.

Taste: Sweet! As expected, Absinthe des Chats is characterized by a very sweet taste. Fennel, together with anise are on the forefront here, but wormwood plays an essential part in the background where masterfully aligns all herbs to create this round and balanced taste. Due to its low alcohol content, this absinthe is very light.

Finish: The tip of the tongue tingles for a bit (thanks, aniseed!). Apart from that, the overall taste that remains is very refreshed.

Conclusion: A very good absinthe that is easy to drink. Not very complex and all herbs that add sweetness overpower all the other herbs. This absinthe is ideal for absintheurs who enjoy white absinthes that have a few things in common with pastis.

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