Absinthe des Poètes Tasting notes by Miriam

L'Absinthe des PoètesWe welcome another delicious Swiss La Bleue to our range of high quality absinthes: L’Absinthe des Poètes made by Christophe Racine.

This clear absinthe is produced in Môtiers, in the Val-de-Travers, the birthplace of absinthe. It was awarded the prize for Best Swiss Absinthe at the “DistiSuisse 2015/2016” (scoring almost full marks!).

Miriam shared her tasting notes of this award-winning absinthe:




Aroma before water: Notes of wormwood. anise, and fennel. You can detect a slight spiciness in its aroma.

Louche: The louche effect is slow, and takes its time. However, when louched, the Absinthe des Poetes is completely opaque and shimmers in a thick, bright milky, white.

Aroma after water: Soft and floral notes, a hint of wormwood – inviting to sip.

Taste: Sweet! The Absinthe des Poetes tastes sweet yet fresh at the same time. The spiciness from the aroma is still there, but aligns amazingly with the natural sweetness from the anise and the citrus. It definitely makes you want more.

Finish: Anise lingers on your tongue – quite a while! But it‘s genuinely pleasant, not at all cloying.

Conclusion: An exquisite, extremely well balanced Swiss Bleue as you would expect from someone with the kind of experience Christophe Racine has. A masterpiece!




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