Absinthe DuVallon Blanche Tasting Notes by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe DuVallon Blanche is recognized as one of the finest Bleues from the Val-de-Travers. It is traditionally distilled by an ex-clandestine distiller whose mother also distilled illegally during 40 years. Absinthe connoisseur Marc Thuillier wrote some tasting notes for us.

Absinthe DuVallon - 70cl

Switzerland / 53%
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This absinthe is issued from a family tradition. One of the best « bleues ».

The DuVallon absinthe is issued from a true family tradition. It represents without a doubt one of the best « bleues ». Its home-made production comprises only products 100% natural. Moreover, even though the family reci ...

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Color: crystal clear.

Aroma before water: dominant fennel, followed by very pleasant and inviting floral notes.

Louche: instant, not exceptional.

Aroma after water: a minty freshness from which grand wormwood stands out. A subtle candy note in the background.

Taste: simple but effective! Nothing overruns the glass. This Duvallon is in the top of Swiss Bleues, it’s harmonious and above all yummy, like a big chocolate cake.

Final: it stays on the palate, especially its so pleasant fruity aspect.

Conclusion: Master Duvallon has the talent we all know, he knows how to pick the best herbs and how to distill them like a chef, just like his colleague Master Bugnon. This absinthe will always be in my personal top 5 of what is made in the Val-de-Travers.

How to drink Absinthe DuVallon Blanche

Absinthe DuVallon can be enjoyed with a low or a high water dilution, like most Bleues. So depending on your mood or on the weather, you can mix it with 2 parts water or up to 5 parts.

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