Absinthe Emeraude review by Marc Thuillier

The Emeraude by the Bovet distillery is a rather strong absinthe in appearance as it contains 77% alcohol. But under this appearance, it hides a very round and creamy taste that can surprise. This is the only Verte from the Bovet distillery. Let’s see what if the connoisseur Marc Thuillier has been surprised by this verte.

Color: emerald green? No, let’s not exaggerate. it is a very nice bright green color but paler than emerald.

Aroma before water: yummy! The least I can say is that the floral aroma mixed with the one from grand wormwood make me want to drink the beverage instantly!

Louche: a real Swiss, it louches quickly and without any show.

Aroma after water: the grand wormwood now blows out! Its fresh and alpine aroma invades the nostrils immediately.

Taste: unctuous and creamy, we don’t even know what to choose, just like in a candy shop. Some will favor its floral aspect, others will favor its fruity aspect, and finally others will favor its fresh and alpine aspect. Anyway, this absinthe is a pure gluttony and we can’t feel guilty for having another glass.

Final: the palate is stuck with the creaminess and the wormwood.

Conclusion: for a 77% absinthe, I must admit that it’s rather soft, even if it hides some secrets as sip after sip we discover new flavors which toggle from back to front and vice versa.

How to enjoy absinthe Emeraude

This green absinthe does not require sugar in my opinion, it is already fruity, creamy, and sweet. Moreover,  grand wormwood comes out very nicely without adding sugar and cool water.

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A real jewel – the strongest green absinthe made by Willy Bovet in Switzerland.

Emeraude is French for “emerald”, which resembles the striking green color of this absinthe by the Bovet distillery.Emeraude comes in a black matte bottle with lovely and distinct details: the green cat eyes that seem to stare directl ...

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