Absinthe Enigma Blanche Review by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe Enigma Blanche is a crisp French absinthe distilled by Paul Devoille. However, it’s historic recipe originated in Switzerland. Enigma Blanche is a fairly strong absinthe with 74% abv but still quite easy to drink. Let’s find out what absinthe expert Marc Thuillier thinks of this absinthe!



Aroma before water: a powerful but also suave wine alcohol aroma, kind of like Marc or Grappa.

Louche: starts slowly (74% alcohol is a lot!) and then becomes a beautiful ballet of opalescent clouds.


Aroma after water: still this powerful wine alcohol base but in a candy way this time. Then comes out some mountain herbs.

Taste: a great complexity is siding with the alcohol base – which is even more a fruity candy once in mouth. As for the bouquet of herbs, it is quite difficult to analyze it because it is floral, fresh and spicy at the same time. One can find notes of alpine genepi mixed with spicy notes from coriander or floral notes from chamomile.

After taste: complexity is still there, the candy side too…

Conclusion: a competition absinthe! It means that it’s for palates who are already well used to all different kinds of French and Swiss absinthes, otherwise you can miss most of the refinement of this Enigma Blanche. Also, this strong wine alcohol base may displease some absintheurs at first smell, but it has to be experienced at least once, it is really savory and fruity in mouth when you get used to it.

Trick: once your bottle is opened and 3-4 glasses are drunk from it, try to forget it in a cabinet or in your cellar for 6 months or even a year. The fruity candy will change into an absolutely delicious caramelized candy!

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