Absinthe Espinaveld Review by Marc Thuillier

absinthe_espinaveldGerman quality absinthes are not widespread, let’s be honest, so when a new one comes on the market, one can fear the worst, especially when it’s the first attempt from a young distillery, just like Absinthe Espinaveld is.

Let’s see Marc Thuillier’s verdict.


Color: pale golden green.

Aroma before water: herbal and fruity, with an inviting wormwood which is not exaggeratedly upfront, just at the right place. Green anise is well present too, asking us to have a sip.

Louche: slowly forming, with no haste, as it should, and ending with a lovely pale green color.

Aroma after water: a bit closed, but a pleasant floral note is there. This bouquet will open up after the first sip so let’s go!

Taste: we are on a profile of a classic French verte, well balanced in all its savors, with no weakness. It’s very pleasant to drink because nothing is there to perturb the palate. Its trio anise-fennel-wormwood works perfectly well. Other notes – floral and gourmet – are right behind, as a support, forming a truly harmonious bouquet.

Mouthfeel: once again no hitch, the blend of herbs is very enjoyable, with some biting, some fruitiness and some floweriness.

Conclusion : here is a true every day absinthe, suave and pleasant, with a cocktail of herbs in osmosis and just the right amount of complexity, without giving too much or too little. It will suit all palates, novice or trained. A great achievement, especially for a very first absinthe from this relatively new German distillery.

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How to drink Absinthe Espinaveld

Be careful not to drown it, you have to taste it at various levels of dilution until you find the perfect balance for your palate. With or without sugar, as you wish.

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