Absinthe Grön Opal by Marc Thuillier (2019)

Exactly 2 years ago, I had drawn up some tasting notes about the Grön Opal, they can be found here. But I’ve recently been sent a sample of the latest batch, so let’s see if my opinion has changed!

Color: a beautiful jewel green with golden hues.

Aroma before water: a wild grand wormwood that express itself relatively well, and a green anise of high quality. Then a flowery and spicy background.

Louche: progressive, with a lovely show at the bottom of the glass. Once again faultless.

Aroma after water: a very pleasant bouquet of herbs comes out of the glass. The least we can say is that it’s incredibly inviting!

Taste: same problem as 2 years ago, it’s very hard to describe the taste because it’s a mix of harmonious and balanced savors. It’s like the lucky dip lottery – you never know your price, but with Grön Opal every taste you catch is a winner. This absinthe unveils fruity and spicy notes, and at times flowery and herbal notes. I think it’s conceived for all palates, everybody will find pleasure in it.

Conclusion: this Swedish Verte is a perfect example of balance and quality. The herbs used are rich, they deliver 100% of their flavors at the same time and with no concession. A still great accomplishment from my friend Mikael and his friend Tomas, and I say it in total impartiality!

How to drink Absinthe Grön Opal

A tiny piece of sugar for the yummy fruitiness, or without sugar for its Scandinavian sturdiness. In any case, it can only please any absintheur, beginner or connoisseur.

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Absinthe Grön Opal - 50cl

Sweden / 72%
(52 Reviews)

Another excellent Verte from Sweden, made with wild-foraged grand wormwood.

The Grön Opal absinthe (Swedish for Green Opal) is made according to a French recipe from the 19th century. For several years, the two distillers from Svensk Absint have worked on making the perfect recipe and finding the i ...

 $127/Liter  $63.50
In stock

AbsinthExplore Grön Opal - 50ml

Sweden / 72%
(52 Reviews)

A Swedish absinthe produced by the Svensk Absint distillery.

Grön Opal has an intense and fragrant wormwood aroma which comes from the wild-foraged grand-wormwood. Before bottling, the absinthe is rested at least three months in barrels.Discover the 50cl bottle

 $190/Liter  $9.50
In stock

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Absinthe Vit Opal - 50cl

Sweden / 56%
(12 Reviews)

Vit Opal – the first blanche absinthe from Sweden, made with wild wormwood, and...

The Vit Opal Absinthe (White Opal) is made by the Swedish distillery Svensk Absint and is the first white absinthe to come out of Sweden. The distillers place incredible importance on using only the finest plants available to them. In many cases ...

 $112/Liter  $56
In stock

AbsinthExplore Vit Opal - 50ml

Sweden / 56%
(12 Reviews)

The first clear absinthe made in Sweden.

Vit Opal is the little sister of Grön Opal. It is made with wild wormwood by the Svensk Absint distillery in Sweden.Read the complete product description of the 50cl bottle here.

 $180/Liter  $9
In stock

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