Absinthe Grön Opal Tasting Notes by Marc Thuillier (2017)

Absinthe Grön Opal is a truly amazing Swedish absinthe. Amazing not only because it’s distilled in Sweden where absinthe distillers and knowledge about traditional absinthe recipes is scarce, but because it’s made from wild wormwood. 


Aroma before water: alcohol is quite strong (72%) but quickly leaves the room to some lovely flowery notes.

Louche: very pleasant to watch, very turbulent, giving birth to a wonderful green color. Faultless!

Aroma after water: a bouquet of flowers and herbs.

Taste: powerful but balanced, all the herbs from the distillation and from the coloration steps are mixing in harmony, the ones do not overwhelm the others, like in some of the finest pre-ban absinthes.

After-taste: spicy, biting, herbal and lasting forever.

Conclusion: an aromatic bouquet, an explosion of flavors in the mouth. The method, the herbs quality and the recipe are very close to what was made more than 100 years ago, so a big “bravo” to the master distiller!

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How to drink Absinthe Grön Opal

Definitely taste this one without sugar first. It’s extremely complex, rich and earthy so even advanced Absintheurs may want to try it with sugar to taste the difference. If you’re up for something extreme, try the Grön Opal in the classic Absinthe Cocktail “Death in the Afternoon”.

Learn more about Vit Opal


Absinthe Vit Opal is the second absinthe from the Svensk Distillery. A not-so-traditional Blanche with notes of wildly grown wormwood and a spicy bouquet. Read Marc Thuillier’s Tasting notes on Absinthe Vit Opal here.

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