Absinthe Gustave – barrel-aged Tasting Notes by Marc Thuillier

absinthe gustave barrel-agedAbsinthe Gustave barrel-aged is Absinthes.com’s latest own absinthe. This version of Gustave has had its ageing finished in an oak barrel.

Renowned absinthe expert Marc Thuillier had the opportunity to try the barrel-aged Gustave, and we’d like to thank him for sharing his tasting notes:




Color: lovely dead leaf and golden color. Very bright and inviting.

Aroma before water: kind of vintage, with a caramel aspect to it. Very pleasant. Herbal and earthy notes in the background.

Louche: at 72% alcohol, it does not start immediately, but once it starts, it becomes quickly opaque and rich, leaving oily trails on the rim of the glass.

Aroma after water: herbal and earthy notes are a bit more upfront now, but the beverage needs to breathe a little before revealing more of its facets.

Taste: very creamy, sweet and round, with a touch of wood on the edges. Anise and fennel are dominating the palate at first, and it takes a bit of time to feel all the other herbs such as the wormwood and the calamus. It’s hard to comment any further on the different characteristics of the drink because all the flavors are complex and well mixed together. It’s like a sweet candy encapsulating a multi-facets bouquet of herbs whose recipe is kept secret. Each sip reveals something new and after a while, you don’t care anymore about finding out where each flavor is coming from, you just enjoy the drink, relax, and that’s it.

Finish: the palate is invaded by sweet and biting notes, ending with a liquorice-like feeling and a touch of earth/root.

Conclusion: a winter absinthe: warm, creamy and savory. Just like a good old cognac, you enjoy it quietly and slowly, ignoring the passing of time.


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absinthe gustave barrel-aged



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