Absinthe Gustave Tasting Notes by Andrew White & Jan Hartmann

Absinthe Gustave is the new and exclusive Verte by Absinthes.com. Aimed to take you back to the Belle Epoque, Absinthe Gustave is characterized by a strong wormwood profile and scarce botanicals such as calamus root. We gave a gave a sample of this exquisite absinthe to some of our most renowned absinthe experts:

Andrew White, who has been working at Absinthes.com for over six years.

Jan Hartmann, creator of the recipe for the best German absinthe “Vivide“.

Absinthe Gustave Tasting Notes by Andrew White

Tasted without sugar.

Colour before water: A beautiful colour somewhere between cognac and olive oil.

Louche: The louche builds strongly and richly. A clear line forms at the top of the glass and slowly dissipates as water is added. The result is creamy, almost chalky, the colour having a beige tint.

Absinthe Gustave has a lovely natural, dark green colour.
It’s nice to see the oily layer on the top of the absinthe, it dissolves last.
After adding water, Absinthe Gustave shows a thick and opaque, yellow-green colour.








Nose: A wonderfully enticing aroma before water, and after adding water, even better. Floral notes appear, like being in a meadow in bloom. Something fruity almost apricot- or strawberry-like, slightly hinting at bubble-gum, in a good way. Powdery notes with a dry woody, rooty nuance, and a slightly sweet caramel aspect to it.

Taste: Herbal and floral at the same time. Moderately sweet but rich. The anise and fennel have blended well with the other ingredients. If I didn’t know better I would say there were a small amount of licorice in here. If there is bitterness here, it’s only very light.

Finish: The finish somehow combines smoothness with a spicy and slight astringent nuance (it sounds slightly contradictory). Smooth prickliness!

Overall impression: Something new! Complex and not quite like any other absinthe out there. I would recommend this more for experienced absinthe drinkers or those who welcome and appreciate great complexity in their drinks.

Absinthe Gustave Tasting Notes by Jan Hartmann

Color: An olive green with a hint of yellow. Very nice intensity.

Louche: Intense, turns into a lovely opaque color, leaving an absinthe that is more yellow than green.

Aroma: The aroma before water is mainly sweet, dominated by fennel, calamus root, and anise. Especially fennel and calamus root are intense. In order to find notes of wormwood, you have to slightly drown your nose into the absinthe glass. The aroma after adding water offers stronger notes of wormwood – the absinthe smells much more herbal and earthy as before water.

Taste: Sweet at first with fennel, calamus root and, anise being the most intense again. But then, all of a sudden, wormwood unveils and creates a brilliant herbal harmony. Very pleasant and long-lasting. This absinthe is made for fans of calamus root and vintage absinthes, but it offers even more of which I think is appealing to all absintheurs. It is a very complex absinthe, which reminds one of the fact that absinthe used to be a medical elixir. However, it’s profile is much more balanced than the one of Absinthe Roquette, although both recipes date back to approximately the same time.

Conclusion: A very good absinthe that is easy to drink, and a nice change of pace!

Where can I buy Absinthe Gustave?

get it from Absinthes.com:





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