Absinthe Jade Nouvelle-Orleans Review by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe Jade Nouvelle-Orléans is the only absinthe from the Jade line which is not a reproduction of a pre-ban absinthe. It is in fact the first creation from the Master distiller Ted Breaux in New Orleans, at home, way before he started to produce it in France at the Combier distillery, in Saumur. The Nouvelle-Orléans is thus an atypical absinthe which carry us to Louisiana, where it was born. Let’s see if Marc Thuillier is also carried away by this absinthe.

Color: pale green with golden hues once under natural light.

Aroma before water: the wine alcohol base is there, well dominating the nose and giving some kind of caramel aromas.

Louche: crescendo, perfect, with lovely clouds dancing at the bottom of the glass.

Aroma after water: this time spices are coming out of the glass, with a wormwood background.

Taste: fruity, spicy and rich in flavors, with a fresh coating coming from the grand wormwood. A very well balanced cocktail of herbs which plays with our taste buds without wanting to reveal its secret.

After-taste: thick, aniseed, spicy and never ending, but with a little astringency at the very end.

Conclusion: we could also call it “Christmas absinthe” as its spicy and warm aspect perfectly suits this season. If you like absinthes with character and if you’re not afraid of escaping a little, then this Nouvelle-Orléans is for you!

How to drink Absinthe Nouvelle-Orléans

Enjoy it by the fireside, alone or with some friends, and why not with a good cigar. Sugar is not essential but half a cube will emphasize the caramelized and sweet notes of this absinthe.

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