Absinthe Jade Terminus Absinthe Oxygenee Review by Marc Thuillier

Jade Terminus Absinthe Oxygenee is the latest (re)creation from Ted Breaux, Jade Liqueurs. The process used is similar to the one used by the famous distillery Cusenier back in the glory days. Cusenier were using a hot oxygenation process to make their absinthe appear as “pure” as possible to their customers. How does this process impact the taste of such a fine handcrafted absinthe? Marc Thuillier has tasted this one from a 2017 batch for Absinthes.com.

Color: peridot pale-green with a light amber hue.

Aroma before water: slightly “vintage”, but with a lot of freshness and greenness at the same time. Something a bit rancid is lingering in the background though.

Louche: some very nice clouds dancing at the beginning. Then the liquid becomes quickly opaque. Lovely greenish color in the end.

Aroma after water: the slightly rancid note is coming out more, but still with an inviting freshness dominating the nose.

Taste: I added just a bit of water to begin with, which was a good choice: the rancid aspect is almost gone and leaves room to the vintage note experienced at the very beginning. All in all, a round beverage stands out of the glass, with some fruity flavors, and even some notes of toffee, probably due to the oxygenation/ageing system used in combination with the wine alcohol base. Green anise is the number 1 ingredient and most powerful taste (as in most absinthes) but it is shortly followed by herbaceous notes of petite and grand wormwood. After I added more water, the rancid note comes out again at the very end of the sip.

Finish: I’m almost sorry to say it, but – not particularly special. It’s like a feeling of tasting a wine alcohol which would have turned bad over the years. However, the high quantity of anise gives some bite and some fruitiness to the palate.

Conclusion: Not my favorite Jade, let’s be honest, there is a little something in it that disturb my palate. Having said that, I know it’s highly enjoyed by some other absintheurs and it’s actually quite popular. Our palates are all different, some detect things others don’t, and vice versa, not a big deal in the end. I also have to add that my very first glass from my very first bottle of Jade Terminus had been fantastic and I still remember it, but it seems to change from one bottle to another but also from one storage method to another.

How to drink Absinthe Jade Terminus Oxygenee

Make sure not to add too much water, drink it “strong”, with a little piece of sugar if you want, it will help the fruity notes to stand out.

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