Absinthe La Berlinoise Tasting Notes by Miriam

A German absinthe from Berlin. Double distilled after a trandtional recipe for a classic Swiss Bleue from the Val-de-Travers, the birth place of absinthe. Sounds like a promising combination: Swiss know-how in making absinthe, and German accuracy! The La Berlinoise absinthe comes along slightly stronger than a standard Bleue – at 60% vol. the La Berlinoise is said to offer more intense notes of wormwood. Miriam tasted this absinthe, let’s find out. 

Color: Clear

Aroma before water: Signature aromas for a classic Swiss Bleue, however slightly more wormwood than usual.

Louche: At first it feels like we’ll be waiting a while, but then the oily layers rapidly burst into small clouds that quickly merge into one, not entirely opaque color covering the whole absinthe glass.


Aroma after water: The aroma becomes more subtle after water is added. I can’t grasp too many aromas, but it seems to be a different aroma each time I dip my nose into the glass. Very intriguing.

Taste: Lots of anise and wormwood – those are the main components I taste in the La Berlinoise. A typical Swiss Bleue indeed, yet not as complex as others, and with stronger notes of wormwood. I’d say this absinthe focuses on what’s important for, or characteristic to an absinthe: A round taste with wormwood and anise being the main herbs.

Finish: Anise tickles my tongue for a while there, wormwood is somewhere far on the back of the palate having trouble saying goodbye 🙂

Conclusion: A good absinthe from Germany. Clever idea to use a recipe from Switzerland in order to guarantee a traditional Bleue. Personally I’d prefer a little more complexity, but that would probably reduce the wormwood note which is indeed very pleasant. On the other hand I think it’s impressive that the La Berlinoise offers such a mellow and refreshing taste, considering it’s relatively high alcohol content. A perfect absinthe for any absintheurs who love a good wormwood profile and for enthusiasts who are new to clear absinthes.

Where to buy absinthe La Berlinoise

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