Absinthe La Perchée Tasting Notes by Miriam

absinthe_la_perchee_la_semilla_aymonier_franceAbsinthe La Perchée is a strong, clear absinthe distilled in France. The herbs used to create this real absinthe are grown at an altitude ideal for alpine plants. La Perchée is one out of four organic absinthes made at the Aymonier Distillery near Pontarlier.



Aroma before water: La Perchée is both aromatic and strong, you can grasp subtle notes of wormwood.

Louche: The louche is very thin and slow. La Perchée does not turn completely opaque, which is why we suggest to adjust your water drip as slowly as possible.

Absinthe La Perchée after adding water.

Aroma after adding water: The aroma of this absinthe completely changes after adding water. Now, there‘s a refreshing and subtly sweet aroma, combined with hints of wormwood. La Perchée doesn‘t come across that strong anymore and smells more balanced.

Taste: Anise tickles your tongue and takes turns with notes of fennel and wormwood – not too complex, but very easy to drink. This absinthe tastes sweet, refreshing and strong at the same time, but none of those characteristics overpower another. Very well balanced. See the label? This is what it tastes like! I can imagine this one going nicely with an ice cube inside the absinthe glass.

Finish: Aniseed lingers, but not for too long, after that it feels like La Perchée was never there!

Conclusion: A nice and refreshing Blanche. With 72%, it‘s fairly strong at least among clear absinthes, but this is what makes it interesting. Personally, I‘d like to taste this absinthe with a little more green anise in its recipe, but then again, that‘s what makes it perfect for absintheurs who want little aniseed!

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