Absinthe La Ptite Tasting Notes by Stefanie

Absinthe La Ptite by Gaudentia Persoz is a classic Swiss Bleue is fresh, sweet and mild. La Ptite has won prizes and Spritis Awards in the past, and will probably continue to do so. But let’s find out some more!

Aroma before water: A soft anise note gently enters the nose, accompanied by a spicy, lightly fruity aroma.

Louche: The louche forms rapidly and develops a beautiful thickness.

Aroma after adding water: The anise note is not so strongly recognisable as before adding water.

Flavour: La Ptite has a wonderfully soft and finely balanced taste, that is slightly sweet. In the finish, this is nicely rounded out with anise.

Conclusion: This absinthe is as good for beginners as for experienced absintheurs. A fine choice for either!A Mild and wonderfully balanced La Bleue absinthe that has an anise taste that coats the palate.

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