Absinthe La Ptite Tasting Notes by Stefanie

Stefanie had a go at this lovely Blanche from Switzerland. You’ll find her tasting notes on Absinthe La Ptite below.



Aroma before water: A soft anise note gently enters the nose, accompanied by a spicy, lightly fruity aroma.

Louche: The louche forms rapidly and develops a beautiful thickness.

Aroma after adding water: The anise note is not so strongly recognizable as before adding water.

Flavour: La Ptite has a wonderfully soft and finely balanced taste, that is slightly sweet. In the finish, this is nicely rounded out with anise.

Conclusion: This absinthe is as good for beginners as for experienced absintheurs. A fine choice for either!A Mild and wonderfully balanced La Bleue absinthe that has an anise taste that coats the palate.

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