Absinthe La Rebelle tasting notes by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe La RebelleAbsinthe La Rebelle is an organic green absinthe produced by the Aymonier distillery in France. It is a very special absinthe because of the Marc du Jura wine alcohol base.

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A unique, organic absinthe that is made with Marc du Jura.

The organic absinthe Rebelle is made by the Aymonier distillery in France. It is based on Marc du Jura, an artisanal pomace brandy* made from Chardonnay and Savagnin grapes from Domaine de Cavarodes. This local wine alcohol base makes this absinthe something ...

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Color: pale green

Aroma before water: the very inviting Marc du Jura used as the alcohol base is quite powerful and does not allow any other aroma to come out of the glass

Louche: slow to form at the beginning, but then progressive and perfect in the end.

Aroma after water: almost the same as before adding water, but this time a bouquet of fresh herbs comes out right after the dominating brandy.

Taste: although the Marc du Jura keeps the leading role, it does not manage the show alone now. Anise takes an important place in mouth, followed by some various fresh and floral herbs from which wormwood and hyssop are noticeable.

Final in mouth: the brandy stays forever, with his good friend, the biting green anise, and a hint of wormwood.

Conclusion: an idiosyncratic absinthe, very unique. Fully rich in mouth and deliciously bewitching. For experienced palates, or for absintheurs who love the Jura terroir like I do!

How to fully enjoy La Rebelle

If you’re into sugar, then half a cube is enough. Use ice-cold water and start with a low dilution. Taste. Add a little more water if needed. Taste. Etc. This absinthe is double-sided, less water means more brandy, more water means more herbs, but with the risk of obtaining a not fully rich drink in the end.

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