Absinthe La Valdetra Verte Tasting Notes by Miriam

Absinthe La Valdetra Verte is something fairly rare: There aren’t many green absinthes distilled in Switzerland. Absinthe La Valdetra Verte is not just a clever word play (..it’s distilled in the Val-de-Travers…), it’s a premium absinthe distilled by one of the very few female absinthe distillers worldwide, Gaudentia Persoz. Her green absinthe is renowned for it’s lovely fennel profile and a nice, natural sweetness. Let’s find out more!

Color: A light, pale green. Since this absinthe has a relatively low alcohol content of 65% abv. (at least in the category of green absinthes that’s fairly low), it can’t maintain bright colors over time. Having said that, I quite like the fact that the La Valdetra Verte appears in an almost bright green, as if it were artificially colored, but it’s 100% natural!

Aroma before water: Rich, balanced, and sweet. Especially fennel stands out! But there is wormwood and aniseed to detect as well. Very intriguing!

Louche: Slow and thin at first, with a nice oily layer on the surface (see video) that merges with the remaining absinthe drink just before all of the necessary water was added. The result is a not entirely opaque, yet nice, appealing absinthe with a light green tint.

Aroma after water: The aroma has changed quite significantly now, there’s more wormwood! Fennel has retreated a bit.

Taste: Wormwood, fennel and aniseed are no doubt the primary herbs composing this absinthe. There’s a certain spiciness to it which is nice! Aniseed is more subtle in the Valdetra Verte than in any other absinthe distilled by Gaudentia Persoz.

Finish: Just traces of wormwood linger for a while. In my opinion, this absinthe contains very little aniseed, so the tongue doesn’t tickle at all.

Conclusion: A fine, refreshing and extremely well-balanced absinthe. A nice change from all the French Vertes we know and appreciate. To me, Valdetra Verte is young, refreshing, and sweet! Please don’t add sugar to this one, unless you have a very, very sweet tooth. Besides, it’s nicer to taste natural sweetness anyway.

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