Absinthe Mansinthe Review by Marc Thuillier

Mansinthe – the absinthe created for and with Marilyn Manson is now known all around the world, but is it just a commercial gimmick or does it really have the gustative qualities of a traditionally made absinthe? The answer is right below thanks to the tasting notes from Marc Thuillier.


Color: pale green with some golden glints under natural light.

Aroma before water: inviting fennel, and then a fruity background leaning towards chocolate notes.

Louche: progressive, pleasant, not milky from the first drop of water nor when fully louched. Zero flaw.

Aroma after water: an overwhelming freshness now dominates the glass, evoking mountain meadows in spring. Unbelievable how aroma changed with the addition of water.

Taste: still this powerful freshness. This is the kind of absinthe in which the trio fennel-anise-wormwood works perfectly (though wormwood is two steps behind the other two). No enormous complexity but no hitch either. Once the freshness of the first sip has vanished a bit, the sweet fruity and chocolate notes step on stage.

After-taste: the drink does not linger on the palate, only anise stays for a little while.

Conclusion: an initiation absinthe par excellence, and believe me it’s not pejorative at all as harmony has to be the leader. This absinthe is distilled in a very proper way, traditionally, without any flourish. Mansinthe and François Guy both form the perfect duo of every day absinthes to me, and above all they both are more than recommended when it comes to educate palates not used to this legendary drink!

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How to drink Absinthe Mansinthe

You can taste it with or without sugar, with the desired dillution, Mansinthe is easy to please and to adapt to the chosen moment.

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