Absinthe Quarantaine Tasting Notes by Marc Thuillier

Yet another specialty from Sweden – Absinthe Quarantaine. It’s distiller Thor Wallgren wants to create an absinthe which is real, rich, and affordable for everyone. It’s true that at least his absinthe price is extremely generous – but let’s see what Vintage Absinthe Expert Marc Thuillier thinks after tasting it for Absinthes.com.

Color: pale green with a yellowish hue.

Aroma before water: a very nice spicy and herbal bouquet.

Louche: progressive, clean and neat. In the end opaque without being milky.

Aroma after water: the grand wormwood takes place with a citrusy background. Many more herbs behind, this absinthe already shows its complexity.

Taste: very pleasant, a mix of citrus and herbal flavors, with one of the herbs standing out, almost impossible to identify. Anise is not dominating here, but for once it’s not really disturbing because it still plays an important role in the background and it accompanies the bouquet of herbs with enthusiasm.

Finish: spicy, stimulating and fresh, with a nice lasting.

Conclusion: a very thirst-quenching absinthe thanks to its citrusy notes and its palette of herbs. It does not deny its Nordic origins having a little something in it one can’t find in French or Swiss absinthes. The pleasure on the palate is an invitation for more and more…


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