Absinthe Septante 7 tasting notes by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe Septante 7 by the La Valote Bovet distillery is, as its name indicates, bottled at 77% alcohol, which makes it the strongest absinthe in the Val-de-Travers. But is it then an unbalanced absinthe? Is it too strong compared to the norm in the Val-de-Travers which is around 50-55%? The answer is clearly “no”, and the tasting notes below prove it.



Aroma before water: water is not in the glass yet and the aroma is not biting the nose at all despite the 77% alcohol. Fennel comes out nicely, together with the anise.

Louche: instant, without any show. No dancing clouds here, the absinthe louches directly and opacifies itself exponentially.

Aroma after water: fennel comes out even more, while the other herbs take their time though a flowery background is already in place.

Taste: a classic “Bleue” profile. Simple but efficient. Nothing really comes out candidly because the balance is cleverly controlled, although the fennel is on the podium with his great friend the anise. Grand wormwood takes a longer time to show off but it perfectly completes the holy trinity.

Final: the anise slightly bites the tongue. The length in mouth is nothing exceptional but it does the job though.

Conclusion: despite its high alcohol volume, the Septante 7 is very easy and pleasant to drink, without any fuss. From the same distillery, I still prefer the Le Chat though, more fruity in mouth.

How to drink absinthe Septante 7

With or without sugar? It’s your call really, taste both and choose. The more important point here is the water ratio. Start with 3-4 parts water for 1 part absinthe and taste. If it’s still too strong for you, add a little more water but be careful not to over-water it just because it’s 77%!

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