Absinthe Serpis Classic Tasting Notes by Miriam

absinthe_serpis_classic_louche_in_absinthe_glassThe Serpis Absinthes are extremely popular among absintheurs and novices, probably because of their unique, red color. Absinthe Serpis Classic is quite strong with its 65% vol. Its sibling, Absinthe Serpis Dry is much more mellow with 55% and is an absinthe without anise.

I’m usually not a big fan of artificial absinthes, or say absinthes that haven’t been produced the traditional way. No arguments here, the Serpis absinthes are made by mixing herbal essences and are clearly not distilled. However, there must be a reason why they’re still appreciated by that many people across the absinthe world, and I’m determined to find out why.

Color: The nickname for absinthe “green fairy” does not work for Serpis! It shines in a bright, dark red.

Absinthe Serpis Classic before adding water

Louche: The louche is quite nice to look at and requires a bit of patience. For a while there, the water just draws oily layers around in the absinthe glass. But then, suddenly, anethole (essential oil of anise which is revealed when water is added) explodes and creates a thick, opqaue peachy color.

Absinthe Serpis Classic after adding water

Aroma: After water is added, this Spanish absinthe fills the room with fresh and citrusy aromas. If you dive your nose deep into the absinthe glass, you can grasp some notes of anise. No wormwood though.

Palate: Strong in alcohol, yet mellow and balanced in herbs and complexity. In fact, this absinthe isn’t complex at all, and offers notes of anise and wormwood. I believe I can taste that this one hasn’t been distilled – however, the Serpis Classic is still pleasant.

Finish: This absinthe doesn’t linger very long, but leaves me with a typical bitter after taste that many absinthes offer.

Conclusion: I now understand why this absinthe has been this popular over that many years. Since it’s not complex at all and basically only offers two varieties of herbs – aniseed and wormwood – it’s extremely easy to drink and therefore ideal for beginners or people who don’t drink absinthe very often. I can definitely recommend this one for novices.


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