Absinthe WOLF Chili 66.6% Tasting Notes by Miriam


The heavy-metal group WOLF has issued their second absinthe: WOLF Chili with devious 66.6% vol.! This is a highly limited edition of their absinthe infused with Chili. Each bottle is hand signed by every member of the band. 


Colour: Fiery, blood-red, 100% natural.

Aroma: Sweet and tart.

Louche: The louche is pleasingly slow, becoming an attractive pink colour, slightly transparent.

Flavour: Extremely hot! Something only for people who really love spicy food. Anyone who isn’t used to really spicy flavours ought to give this one a miss. The hot taste of the chili is sadly slightly too dominant and the other herbs come through only subtly.

Finish: As soon as the chili subsides, anise and wormwood appear and lend the absinthe a pleasant finish. Your lips will continue to burn, however!

Conclusion: Absinthe WOLF Chili is a hot, unique and naturally made absinthe. Its overwhelming chili flavour makes it one for chili fans, and WOLF fans. So is the way with unusual flavours – you either like them, or you don’t. The ambition and complexity of the WOLF Chili absinthe deserves praise, and the idea of signing the bottle goes well with the idea of the concept of this absinthe.

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