Absinthe Akveld’s Artisanale Verte Tasting Notes

The beloved recipe from Serge Helfrich. After Serge stopped distilling his absinthe, Ton Akveld carried on distilling after Serge’s Recipe. Now, the recipe was passed onto his friend Sjaak Voois – he took over the distillery and will continue to preserve the original recipe.


Colour: This Akveld absinthe shimmers golden and orange, like a withered leaf in the fall.

Aroma before water: fruity, with citrus-y notes – very pleasant and smooth. You notice slightly herbal notes in the background.

Louche: thick, forms quickly

Aroma after water: The addition of water doesn’t reveal any further or different notes, but makes the aroma more balanced and gives the herbal notes room to develop.

Taste: Creamy and well-balanced. You can taste a reasonable amount of anise. The fruity notes gathered from the aroma fade slightly. You can taste more herbal notes, especially coriander.

Finish: Good, with an exceptional length. Wormwood and fennel are present, personally I’d like a little more of both. Also, the fruity notes could be a little more intense.

Overall: Although there surely are a few tweaks here and there possible, this is an absinthe of an exceptional quality and originality. A lovely discovery!

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One thought on “Absinthe Akveld’s Artisanale Verte Tasting Notes

  1. An absolutely stunning absinthe from Akveld’s. The aroma and taste before and after louching is beautiful. Truly a premium absinthe in the same league as the Jade brand.

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