Absinthe Bizarre Review by Antoine

Although we already had the pleasure of tasting Absinthe Bizarre at the Fête de l’Absinthe a few weeks ago, we couldn’t wait to do a proper degustation with the team. Here are Antoine’s tasting notes:

Colour: A beautiful emerald green, both vibrant and natural.

Aroma: It’s difficult to grasp which herbs are more dominant than others here, before water is added. A both clean and authentic aroma! After water was added, spicy and citrus-y notes emerge. They interact in a fascinating harmony, and you can easily get carried away by the flavours!

Louche: Slow at the beginning (due to the high level of alcohol), turns into a lovely and thick opaque louche.

Taste: Very smooth. Similar to the aroma, accompanied by a delicate bitterness combined with notes of hay (hysop) and liquorice, adding even more complexity to the taste. Coriander comes forward followed by spicy and citrus-y notes. It could remind of you of the taste of Absinthe Butterfly, yet it’s closer to the taste of a traditional Swiss green absinthe.

Finish: Great length, both bitter and sweet. The taste of liquorice remains gently on your tongue.

Note by Antoine: This tasting was held without adding sugar. Due to the complexity of Absinthe Bizarre, it would definitely be interesting to try it with sugar, which will probably reveal different herbal notes. Once you tasted it, feel free to share your thoughts with us via Facebook!

How to drink Absinthe Bizarre

Do taste it both with and without sugar to detect the difference in Balance. We have an interesting cocktail recipe which includes Absinthe Bizarre: The Devil’s Favorite.

Absinthe Bizarre by DuVallon

Although Monsieur DuVallon announced that he would stop distilling his range of absinthes at the end of last year, Die Grüne Fee distribution and the ‘Cabaret Bizarre’ from Bale in Switzerland managed to convince him to create this absinthe.

Cabaret Bizarre Bale Switzerland

The Cabaret Bizarre is renowned for its extraordinary and freaky cabaret and circus shows. Artists from all over the world come to Basel to show their most colourful and provocative dress.

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