Absinthe La Grenouillarde Tasting Notes by Miriam

Bottle of La Grenouillarde absintheAbsinthe La Grenouillarde is an atypical Swiss Bleue distilled in Boveresse, Val-de-Travers. It distinguishes itself from the other Bleues by its higher alcohol content (65%) and its powerful aromas.

Its label can amuse or offend though… Why is there an indecent frog showing on this absinthe bottle??

Those of you who are into absinthe since a long time already know that label designs are mainly inspired from the historical traditions of absinthe and/or from the place where it’s produced. This is exactly the case of La Grenouillarde, but its history is even funnier.

Back in the days, the inhabitants of Boveresse were called the “Grenouillards” by their neighbors from Môtiers. It’s impossible to translate but it’s like a human who would have transformed into a frog. So why this unflattering nickname? The answer is quite simple: to go to the nearby village of Môtiers, inhabitants of Boveresse had no choice but to cross a boggy area. To avoid soiling their shoes – which were indispensable for the Sunday mass in Môtiers – they had to jump between the puddles, just like frogs, and were giving a funny show to the inhabitants of Môtiers.

Let’s now learn more about this Grenouillarde that is distilled by La Valote Martin:

Aroma before water: La Grenouillarde is synonym of freshness and sweetness. A candied note mixes with the wormwood, something I can’t identify (it smells chocolate to me!), and everything is blended with a soft acidity.

Louche: opacity develops slowly, leaving oily trails on the glass. Then things change quickly, the louche becomes thick and rich with an ivory tone.

Aroma after water: La Grenouillarde diffuses fresh and suave notes. The acidity and chocolate notes are almost now gone.

Taste: the holy trinity is on the scene: wormwood, anise and fennel, together with an impressive explosion of flavors on the palate. Anise is powerful but stays in the background, leaving room to the fennel and a bouquet of fresh and fruity herbs. A delight, a candy we can’t get tired of!

After-taste: anise here is quite discreet and leaves some time for the fennel and wormwood to develop on the palate. The tongue does not really bite for a long time after the last sip. The feeling in mouth is fresh, fruity and not dry at all.

Conclusion: La Grenouillarde is an unavoidable Swiss Bleue and shows numerous qualities that other Bleues don’t have. Its freshness reminds the meadows of the Jura mountains, while its roundness takes us away to a guilty pleasure of gluttony.  An excellent absinthe.

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