Mead Base Absinthe Review

Mead Base Absinthe

As a few of you have probably heard already, we recently added an absinthe to our portfolio that is truly something special – Mead Base Absinthe.

This absinthe is made at the Žufanek distillery (one of the creators of Absinthe L’Ancienne), and is distilled on the basis of honey wine which was aged for at least 3 years. The result is a gentle and herbal spirit, with a lovely aroma of honey – but let us introduce this absinthe to you in more detail:

Mead Base Absinthe Tasting Notes

Everyone got pretty excited about this new kind of absinthe, its description alone reads so promising, that we were all very curious. Here are Antoine’s tasting notes:Colour: Golden, with small hints of green.

Aroma before water: You can smell the distinct flavours of honey, and makes this absinthe stand out among common absinthes due to its mead alcohol base. Notes of honey are predominant and pleasantly sweet, and makes it difficult to discover other herbs, apart from wormwood.
Louche: Slow at the beginning, but then turns into a lovely but not too thick louche.
Aroma after water: Herbs are more in the foreground now, and you can smell hints of anise, although wormwood is predominant. The notes of honey are now very subtle and compared to the aroma before water, hardly present any more.
Taste: Intense, bitter and slightly spicy at the beginning. But the flavours of honey create a good balance to it, and earthy notes are revealed. The taste isn’t too complex, and discover that a relatively small number of herbs used. 
Finish: A slight sting on the tongue (perhaps star anise was used, to balance out the low amount of anise used?) A pleasant bitterness lingers on the palate, accompanied by some sweet notes of honey.
Conclusion: I think this absinthe could be slightly more complex and balanced, but I appreciate the difficulty of not overpowering all aromas with the flavour of honey, and to achieve an ideal composition. Martin Zufanek surely mastered this challenge, although (and this is just my personal opinion!) there is still some room for improvement. 🙂
Note by Antoine: This tasting was held without adding sugar. Because this absinthe is relatively bitter, one could taste it with some sugar and this would perhaps balance out the bitterness and leave room for other aromas to develop. Once you tasted it, feel free to share your thoughts with us via Facebook!

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