Absinthe Distillery: La Semilla – Aymonier in France

absinthe_distillery_aymonier_from_franceWe’d like to introduce the La Semilla – Aymonier Absinthe distillery in France. Ran by Mayra and Francois Aymonier, the couple has chosen to distill only organic absinthes with herbs that are mostly grown on their own fields at an altitude of about 1100.



Organic Absinthe distilled from home grown herbs

The distillery as well as the Aymonier’s wormwood fields are located in Les Fourgs, a very small village only about ten kilometers from Pontarlier. Its locations is ideal for a couple of reasons. First, the altitude and alpine climate is excellent for growing grand wormwood and other herbs. After all, the Pontarlier Wormwood is one of the most wanted across the world. The Aymoniers grow their own grand wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm and artemisia pontica. Green anise and fennel are bought by certified organic farmers.

The wormwood fields of the Aymonier distillery
The wormwood fields of the Aymonier distillery. Credit: Aymonier Facebook Page

According to Francois Aymonier, the amount of absinthe that can be distilled is directly dependent on the quantity of grand wormwood harvested in any given year. They refuse to buy grand wormwood from anywhere else in order to ensure the same quality and taste of their absinthes. This means stocks are limited, and once the year’s absinthe is sold, we’ll have to wait until next year’s harvest before more becomes available.

Credit: Aymonier’s Facebook Page

Absinthe distilled at the Aymonier distillery

The couple Mayra and Francois Aymonier make their four different organic absinthes using a very small copper still of 150l. This is a true micro-distillery.

Absinthes by the La Semilla – Aymonier distillery

There are four different absinthes made at this French distillery at the moment. Three are Blanches, one is a Verte. They all contain very little aniseed, which is why we recommend you adjust your water drip as slowly as possible, in order to get a nice louche out of them.

Absinthe La Faucille

absinthe_la_faucille_la_semilla_aymonier_distilleryAbsinthe La Faucille is the sole Verte out of the absinthes made at this distillery. Its colour is very light and not at all green as many would expect it from a Verte. Marya and Francois Aymonier only use two herbs to color La Faucille with.




Absinthe La Perchée

buy_absinthe_online_la_perchee_aymonier_franceAbsinthe La Perchée is one of the three Aymonier Blanches. With 72% it’s a rather high proof clear absinthe with a strong wormwood profile. There is a slight green tint in it’s color, which is due to the first maceration step – the color survived the heat of the still!






Absinthe La Loulette

buy_absinthe_online_la_loulette_aymonier_franceAbsinthe La Loulette is the second Blanche made by the Aymonier’s. It’s less strong, with only 55% a quite mellow Blanche. It tastes sweet and soft.







Absinthe Sans Frontières

buy_absinthe_online_sans_frontiers_aymonier_franceAbsinthe Sans Fronières – the best absinthe by Aymonier. That is, if you’re looking for a complex wormwood profile! The Aymonier’s own grand Wormwood is very pleasant in this one.




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