Absinthiades Competition 2011 Results

We have the results of the Absinthiades competition and we were thrilled to see that in the blanche category, Maison Fontaine came out on top with a Grand Or prize, and Sevil got a Gold medal, and La P’tite a Silver. Finishing off the winners in the blanche category was La Clandestine.

Absinthiades 2011 Blanche Winners

In the verte category, a new absinthe called Vélo won the top prize, followed by La Pontissalienne by Francois Guy, and Grande Absente with Silver.

Absinthiades 2011 Verte Winners

If you couldn’t make it to this year’s Absinthiades, or even if you did, you can recreate the atmosphere without having to try out all the absinthes first: you can get the top three blanche medal-winners together and the top three vertes together from us at Absinthes.com

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