Our favourite Absinthe spoons

I was a little surprised when I saw one of our interns use an absinthe spoon last week – we probably told you that we hold absinthe tastings after work almost every Friday, so everyone from the team gets the chance to explore absinthe and to get a feel for the different flavours and taste.

Most of us don’t use sugar (no one actually, apart from when we want to see the difference for specific absinthes), so it was an unusual scene watching someone use an absinthe spoon. It got us talking about all the different shapes, and which is whos ‘favourite’ spoon.



Antoine has seen them all, and is bored of all the ‘standard’ shapes that are around these days. He prefers handmade, special absinthe spoons. They are made with a lot of attention to detail, and you can tell that they’re handmade by someone who’s got a talent. Antoine’s favourite is the Elephant Sterling Silver Grille – a unique piece, where the melted sugar flows through the elephant’s trunk.





Mathieu’s favourite is the Feuille Silver spoon – he says it’s somehow plain yet tasteful. And that its shape isn’t trying too hard to look like an antique absinthe spoon.





Just like Antoine, Andrew is a fan of Kirk Burkett’s handmade Sterling Silver Grilles. With a passion for extraordinary design, Andrew’s favourite out of Kirk’s range is the Pan Grille spoon.








The Feuille II spoon – I find it classy, and I like its baroque shape, and the colour.








Actually, it’s the Feuille II as well, so I asked her for her second favourite spoon. She wasn’t very pleased to let go of the Feuille II, but then named the Ouvragee spoon for its lovely antique touch.





She also named the Feuille II – it’s becoming very clear that this is definitely a absinthe spoon for women! Of course she had to name her second favourite, too – it’s the Art Deco spoon, because its head is slightly shorter than a usual spoon, and the handle a little wider.

It’s funny, I noticed a trend here – not just that all of us girls seems to like the playful shape of the Feuille II spoon, but that we’re all fans of Bleues rather than Vertes.


Stefano (who used the absinthe spoon in the first place!)

Stefano hasn’t got a lot of experience with absinthe, but he is keen on tasting different types, both with and without sugar. He used the Croix Silver spoon last week, and said he likes it for its plain shape, and the small crosses. He thinks the vein in the middle of the spoon is pretty useful for remaining sugar crumbles to flow into the absinthe.




Victor doesn’t use absinthe spoons, so he wasn’t really bothered about this question. So he said „If I had to pick one, I guess it’d be the Wormwood Silver spoon as its shape reminds me of herbs and that takes me straight back to the wonderful herbal taste of absinthe (Victor is a fan of Vertes).“



Absinthe spoons are a lovely accessory when it comes to enjoying absinthe, and even though most of us don’t use them often, it’s useful to have one at hand. They’re pretty to look at, too.

Now we’d like to ask your opinion – what is your favourite absinthe spoon, and why?

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