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Some people enjoy drinking absinthe with sugar. I don’t condemn them, even though a sugar cube associated with absinthe quickly leads people to believing that one is meant to burn the sugar cube. This however has nothing to to with how to drink absinthe the traditional way – it’s a Czech marketing technique which originated in the 90’s. Learn more here

You can now buy absinthe sugar online, we made it especially for and a second design for our local store in Germany.

Preparing absinthe with sugar

absinthe_sugar_by_absinthescomWe’ve discussed the whole “Absinthe – with or without sugar?” before. We talked about the origins of individual and quite different absinthe rituals. However, I think: We don’t live in the past, we’ve all got individual tastes and preferences. I spent some time talking to a customer who simply loved burning his absinthe/sugar cube. He enjoyed the traditional ritual and all, he didn’t down his absinthe quickly but took his time, but he wouldn’t want to live without the caramelized taste in his absinthe – fair enough!

Enjoying absinthe – the absinthe ritual with sugar

If you’ve decided to add sugar to your absinthe, you will need absinthe spoons, which are placed on the rim of the absinthe glass. Place the sugar cube onto the perforated bit of the absinthe spoon and start dripping the water over it until it’s dissolved. Please DO NOT burn your sugar cube, even if the fellow I talked about earlier enjoyed it very much. The alcohol is burnt, the aroma and taste will be dominated by the caramelized taste of the melted sugar. In my opinion, even the best absinthe is ruined after that.

Almost essential for any absintheur – a set of absinthe glasses, absinthe spoons, and of course, some absinthe.

Absinthe sets with sugar and accessories

You can buy absinthe sugar individually or alongside a useful absinthe set including a combination of absinthe and absinthe accessories.

absinthe_set_blanche_neige_absinthe_dispenser_absinthe_sugarAbsinthe Set Blanche Neige, Absinthe Glass, Absinthe dispenser and sugar

1x Absinthe Blanche Neige

1x Absinthe glass Tarragona

1x Absinthe dispenser Tarragona

Absinthe sugar



absinthe_set_absinthe_party_absinthe_spoonsAbsinthe set “Absinthe Party” – 6 people

1x Absinthe François Guy
1x Absinthe Vit Opal
6x Absinthe glasses “Pontarlier II”
6x Absinthe spoons “Boheme”
1x Absinthe Fountain Classique – 4 Taps
Absinthe sugar


The Absinthe Fountain – what makes it that special?

Absinthe fountains are beautiful, kind of dignified, and as I believe, an essential part of your absinthe belongings if you consider yourself a true absintheur. Simply because it can be very annoying having to balance an absinthe carafe over an absinthe glass when you’re serving absinthe to friends. If you’re interested in where they originated from, read our article on the “History of absinthe fountains“!

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