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by Miriam Wolf

Dear fellow absintheurs!

We’re happy to announce that we can now offer a large, permanent discount on our Blanche Neige Absinthe! The price per bottle (50cl) has dropped by $14 from to $74.50 to $60.50! Since we first launched this absinthe in 2014, we were now able to pass savings in production, packaging, bottling and shipping onto you.


Absinthe Blanche Neige - 50cl

Switzerland / 53%
(29 Reviews)

Blanche Neige is a Swiss La Bleue, a project by! It was awarded Go...

Blanche Neige won the gold medal at the Absinthiades 2014. The fairest absinthe of them all... Our aim is always to share with you the finest of spirits. We've taken this dedication a step further by developing our own r ...

 $117/Liter  $58.50
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Blanche Neige – a truly unique absinthe from Switzerland


Blanche Neige is the name for our true, Swiss La Bleue from the Val-de-Travers, the birthplace of absinthe. This absinthe is distilled by Gaudentia Persoz, one of the world’s most talented absinthe distillers, who has achieved great success with her own absinthes.

What makes Blanche Neige that extra bit different is a precious and priceless ingredient, Génépi. This  aromatic herb, from the Wormwood family, grows wild in the Alps. What sets it aside from other blanche absinthe is the much larger variety of herbs.

The Blanche Neige won the gold medal in the category of Blanche absinthes at the Absinthiades 2014.


Blanche Neige – Tasting Notes by Marc Thuillier

Vintage spirits treasure-hunter, connoisseur and altogether good chap: Marc Thuillier is one of the world’s foremost authorities on absinthe. He regularly writes tasting notes on many absinthes for, so obviously, he wrote some for our Blanche Neige, too.

Colour: crystal clear with a very light golden glint.

Louche: Swiss-like, quite quick to form.

Aroma: a classic Bleue with pronounced notes of wormwood and fennel, delicately wrapped in subtle fresh and alpine notes.

Taste: round and fresh at the same time. The pleasant smoothness and biting from the duo fennel/anise combined with the intensity of a supportive wormwood is seconded by the alpine character of genepi, more noticeable in mouth than in the aroma. The back of the palate is slightly mentholated by the wormwood, which goes hand in hand with the mountain freshness from the genepi.

Finish: a cool spring morning in the Alps impose itself to the palate once the biting from the anise and sweetness from the fennel have vanished.

Conclusion: this absinthe has something more that other Bleues don’t have. And yet, all the characteristics from the Swiss absinthes are there: a rich & sweet fennel, a slightly minty & flowery wormwood, and a nicely biting & fruity anise. But a surprise guest comes and performs in the second part of the show: a mountain-dweller with a strong personality which will disconcert a few… in a good way…

How to drink Absinthe Blanche Neige

Taste it without sugar first, and try to use as chilled water as possible. Also, Blanche Neige is very sensitive to over-watering, so be careful while louching, and take a sip from time to time to make sure you’ve reached your ideal ratio.

Tipp: Blanche Neige in the RUZCALI cocktail!


One of our favorite recipes from last year is the RUZCALI – created by Manuel Weißkopf, CEO of Dr. Sours Bitters. We hosted a Bitters Tasting with him, where he came up with a couple of brilliant cocktail creations using Mezcal, Blanche Neige absinthe, and their Cocktail bitters.




Combine all ingredients in a large mixing glass, add ice cubes and stir gently up to 30 seconds to chill. Straight strain into a chilled cocktail glass without ice. Server with an orange peel.

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