The 2nd Absinthe Festival in Germany – April 2019

We proudly hosted the first German Absinthe Festival in April last year. The idea is to arrange a small event where absinthe makers from all over the world get the opportunity to showcase their products. Apart from sampling absinthe, visitors could sit in on a range of seminars covering topics around the history and distillation of absinthe. Last April, we hosted the second version of our small absinthe fair, and were proud to have won over even more exhibitors than the year before. 18 absinthe makers presented their delicious range this year.

Our small absinthe world, gathered in Freiburg

We had the idea to finally host an absinthe event in Germany after opening of our local absinthe store in Freiburg in late 2016. All of a sudden, we had a much closer connection to absinthe enthusiasts and got in touch with people who either didn’t know much about absinthe or seemed to believe the wrong things. We realized that there is a much bigger lack of absinthe awareness in Germany than there is in France or Switzerland. And because our beautiful city is so conveniently located nearby both the borders of Switzerland and France, we believed to have just the perfect location to bring distillers from everywhere together. So we went ahead, invited the makers, the shop owners, the online shop owners, the distributors and most importantly – the fans and our friends of the absinthe community.

So on April 27th, we had put together an absinthe fair with 18 exhibitors showcasing their absinthes and their distilleries.

Every exhibitor had their own stall that that they decorated the way that would most represent their distillery. Visitors were able to taste absinthe samples, buy absinthes and accessories, and get to know the people behind our favourite spirit! The distillers were happy to answer every question one had on how to make absinthe, the history of absinthe and their individual absinthe distillery.

Absinthe samples, antiques, seminars and more

What we thought this German event needed was as much information on absinthe for newcomers. As we said before, we felt there to be a large gap of knowledge on absinthe in Germany – so why not use the opportunity of having all the major experts around, and ask them to do a talk or a seminar on an absinthe related topic of their choice?
Luckily, the idea was welcomed by many exhibitors and we were able to schedule a full day’s worth of seminars visitors could join for free. There were presentations on the history of absinthe, absinthe and thujone, distillery profiles, and stories on clandestine distilling.


Patrick Roussel from France is a passionate collector of absinthe antiques, like these absinthe spoons and is able to dig up the most beautiful pieces!

3rd Freiburg Absinthe Festival 2020 – SAVE THE DATE

Because we had so much fun and because the guests seemed to have loved it, we’re already planning the third German Absinthe Festival for April 25th, 2020 – mark this date on your calendar!

Exhibitors at the 2nd Freiburg Absinthe Festival

We would like to use the opportunity to once again express our sincerest gratitude to all exhibitors making this second German absinthe fair happen, for being part of an experiment that could have easily failed but was a success instead, for your effort in sharing your knowledge during lectures with the visitors, and for making this yet another unforgettable weekend for our absinthe community! We look forward to having you again next year!

In alphabetical order


Absinth Berlinoise (Germany)

Aixsinthe & Absinth Vivide (Germany)

Aymonier & La Semilla Absinthe (France)


Bovet, Willy (Switzerland)

Bourgeois (France)


Combier (France)

Cornix Absinthe (Germany)


De Groene Fee (Netherlands)

Dilger, Andreas (Germany)


Guy, Pierre (France)


Logisticx (Germany)

Lion Spirits (Germany)


Matte Absinthe (Switzerland)


Lemercier/Peureux (France)

Persoz, Gaudentia (Switzerland)

Pernot, Emile (France)


Roussel, Patrick Absinthe Antiques (France)


SaarWhisky (Germany)

You make your own absinthe, you’re a distributor or are involved in the absinthe business? We’d love to have you! Register as an exhibitor for the German Absinthe Festival 2020 by emailing us to! We’ll be planning more seminars in lectures in different languages next year, too, so do let us know if you would like to be a speaker. We look forward to hearing from you!

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