The best Absinthe Bars in Prague

absinthe_bar_pragueYou think absinthe and Prague somehow goes well together? We agree!

While wandering through the old town of Prague, you find bottles of absinthe everywhere. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are rather fauxinthes with a bright green color. Still, it was amazing seeing a whole city fall for absinthe. Being a tourist, one should only be careful to double check what you’re buying!

Absinthe Shops in Prague

One absinthe store after the other – welcome to Prague! But be careful, most shops mainly offer macerated absinthes that were artificially colored.

We’re glad to find many of the Zufanek absinthes in those shops though! Since we were travelling with Martin, he was proud too and many of the shop owners seemed to know him on a personal level.

Among bright green absinthes, we discovered an “absinthe beer” which was very curious to us. Stefanie dared to taste it, but she wasn’t very happy. Let’s rather have an absinthe!

The “Absintherie” absinthe bar in Prague

The perhaps most well-known absinthe bar in the world is located in the centre of Prague: The “Absintherie”. There’s not just one, but two of these absinthe bars not too far away from each other. You can taste many different absinthe brands there as well as buy absinthe bottles there. They even offer a fairly wide range of absinthe accessories such as absinthe spoons, or an absinthe fountain.

Lovely wall paintings at the absinthe bar at Frank Kafka Square in Prague.
This is the second absinthe bar, the “Absintherie” in Jilska Street in Prague.

During our visit, we were kind of overwhelmed by the range of the many absinthes these absinthe bars offer. Roughly 100 different absinthe brands are served there. The menu is split between macerated and artificially colored absinthes, and “real absinthes” which are distilled in small batches using only natural ingredients. The macerated, cheap absinthes are served with the fire ritual unfortunately, but at least the real absinthes, which make up almost two thirds of the menu, are served after the traditional French absinthe ritual. When ordering a real absinthe from the menu, you get a metal absinthe fountain for your table with some iced water in it and Pontarlier II absinthe glasses with 4cl absinthe in them each. They also take the time to thoroughly explain the absinthe ritual to their guests, which is nice as the bartenders at the absinthe bars seem to embrace their responsibility in proper absinthe education! The prices for a glass of absinthe range from $4.50 to $11.

Apart from just absinthe the Absintherie serves absinthe cocktails, an absinthe coffee, or absinthe ice cream.

The absinthe bar in Jilska Street in Prague.

The absinthe bar located on Jilska Street in Prague has some of the largest absinthe bottle displays I’ve ever seen. Absinthe related wall paintings remind you of a bistro in France in the 1900s.

Great ambiente and a historic flair at the absinthe bar on Jilska Street.

What else did we do in Prague?

We didn’t just check out the absinthe bars and absinthe shops in Prague, but the best cocktail bars in Prague, too!



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