Absinthe Jade Terminus Absinthe Oxygenee Review by Marc Thuillier

Jade Terminus Absinthe Oxygenee is the latest (re)creation from Ted Breaux, Jade Liqueurs. The process used is similar to the one used by the famous distillery Cusenier back in the glory days. Cusenier were using a hot oxygenation process to make their absinthe appear as “pure” as possible to their customers. How does this process impact the taste of such a fine handcrafted absinthe? Marc Thuillier has tasted this one from a 2017 batch for Absinthes.com. (more…)

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Christmas Holiday 2017-2018 – Order dates & Customer Service

For customers in the European Union: Please place your order before December 20th 2017 and select express delivery at the checkout in order to receive your goodies in time for Christmas. If you want to receive your parcel before New Year’s Eve, make sure to order before midday, December 21st 2017.
For customers in all other countries (e.g. in the USA, Australia, Japan): Please place your order before December 18th 2017 and select express delivery at the checkout in order to receive your goodies in time for Christmas. All orders sent by Express to countries outside Europe will arrive in 2-4 days.

All orders placed before December 21st will be sent out before December 24th 2017.

Our team is on holiday between December 23rd 2017 and January 1st 2018. Of course, you can place orders as usual during this time, but they will only be dispatched starting January 2nd 2018.

Any emails or queries received after December 23rd will be replied to starting January 2nd 2018.

All the team at Absinthes.com wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Friendly greetings from Alfred, Andrew, Marion, Miriam and Stefanie

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Christmas with Absinthe – gift ideas and more

The Christmas season is one of the most beautiful times of year for me. The first snow falls, you meet your friends at the Christmas market and enjoy the first mulled wine together: where I live, in Freiburg, there is a wonderful traditional German Weihnachtsmarkt. If I’m lucky, when I get home I am greeted by the lovely smell of freshly made cookies, meaning my boyfriend has been baking for me.

The only stressful part is the search for the perfect Christmas presents for my loved ones.

To make your search a little bit easier, we put together a selection of Christmas gift ideas. We offer a wide range of gift sets with absinthe, high quality spirits, accessories and much more. If you’re looking for a special gift idea, then Absinthes.com is the right place for you.

We also have a delicious Absinthe Eggnog recipe that fits perfectly with the Christmas season.



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Absinthe Jade Nouvelle-Orleans Review by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe Jade Nouvelle-Orléans is the only absinthe from the Jade line which is not a reproduction of a pre-ban absinthe. It is in fact the first creation from the Master distiller Ted Breaux in New Orleans, at home, way before he started to produce it in France at the Combier distillery, in Saumur. The Nouvelle-Orléans is thus an atypical absinthe which carry us to Louisiana, where it was born. Let’s see if Marc Thuillier is also carried away by this absinthe. (more…)

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Absinthe Butterfly Review by Marc Thuillier

Every absintheur will eventually come across this absinthe sooner or later in their lives. Absinthe Butterfly is inspired by an American absinthe of the same name produced in the early 1900’s. A passionate absintheur from Boston, precisely where this absinthe was born, approached the talented distiller Claude-Alain Bugnon to make it reborn from its ashes. Absinthe Butterfly is quite atypical from what is usually produced by Claude-Alain, so let’s see what Marc Thuillier thinks about it…


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The Absinthiades 2017 – Looking for the best absinthe

by Miriam

Just like every year, the annual Absinthiades were held in Pontarlier, France last weekend. The competition defines the most interesting absinthes of the year, split in two categories: Verte and Blanche. And just like every year, we from Absinthes.com had to be there!

We sent our own absinthe in the race: Absinthe Gustave It got some great feedback as it did before on Facebook, unfortunately it didn’t bring home a medal!


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