Absinthe Francois Guy

Absinthe Francois Guy Tasting notes by Stefanie

absinthe Francois GuyAt a strength of 45%, Francois Guy has one of the lowest alcohol contents among all absinthes. Thanks to its mild and well-balanced taste this is the perfect real absinthe for beginners and absinthe experts alike.

The Guy distillery in Pontarlier, France has been making absinthe since 1890. In addition to absinthe, the family-owned business also produces liqueurs,  eaux-de-vie and aperitifs.



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The 15 most popular Absinthes of 2013

Since we keep regular records of our sales (of course!), I thought I should share our 15 top selling absinthes from 2013 with you. You probably bought at least one of them within the past 12 months, and have tried several. In any case, let the countdown begin!

15. Absinthe Berthe de Joux

Absinthe Berthe de Joux What makes this absinthe so interesting?The Berthe de Joux absinthe is carefully distilled in the centennials alembics at Emile Pernot, using a wine alcohol base because of its silky and fruity notes, green anise because of its gourmands and spicy notes, fennel because of its rich mouth feel, grande Pontarlier wormwood because of its aromatic puissance and its herbaceous notes from our mountains, and other natural herbs kept secretive. The result is at the same time spicy, herbaceous, fresh, peppery and extremely complex.

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