absinthe from Germany

Freiburg Absinthe tasting notes by Marc Thuillier

Another organic absinthe you shall say, one more on the list… Yes but! The Freiburg Absinthe comes from Germany and more importantly, it’s distilled with a grape pomace alcohol base, a very well known alcohol in Italy under the name Grappa. Absinthe + Germany + Organic + Grappa = way too many things? Do not draw conclusions too hastily and see my tasting notes instead.

This absinthe is made by Andreas Dilger, a very renowned winemaker in the Freiburg region of South Germany. He’s most well-known for his organic wines derived from biodynamic viticulture.


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Absinthe La Berlinoise Tasting Notes by Miriam

A German absinthe from Berlin. Double distilled after a trandtional recipe for a classic Swiss Bleue from the Val-de-Travers, the birth place of absinthe. Sounds like a promising combination: Swiss know-how in making absinthe, and German accuracy! The La Berlinoise absinthe comes along slightly stronger than a standard Bleue – at 60% vol. the La Berlinoise is said to offer more intense notes of wormwood. Miriam tasted this absinthe, let’s find out.  (more…)

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