absintherie bourbonnaise

Zubrsinthe – new design and adapted recipe!

Absinthe Zubrsinthe is back – stronger and different. With its 72%, the alcohol content was increased quite a bit, as oppose to its previous 65%. Fennel has been added to the recipe, as well as a touch more bison grass. You will also find a blade of bison grass in every bottle of the late 2012 batch.

Here you can look at the new label of the Zubrsinthe:


                         Before                                        2013


>>Get your bottle of the new Zubrsinthe today!<<


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Absintherie Bourbonnaise

Our old friend Philippe Fumoux has done something unimaginable even just a few years ago: started a completely new distillery, or rather, ‘absintherie,’ from scratch. Philippe’s passion for the green fairy is such that he is launching his new distillery – The Absintherie Bourbonnaise – with not one but five new absinthes!

Three of the absinthes take us back to some of the moments between the storming of the Bastille and the present day.


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