Absinthe Jade 1901 tasting notes by Marc Thuillier

Absinthe Jade 1901 is a reproduction of the most popular absinthe of the Belle Epoque: Absinthe Pernod Fils. Elaborated by Ted Breaux after analyzing an authentic pre-ban Pernod Fils, and with the savoir faire we know of him, the 1901 came into life in 2006, and I still remember that back then, I had congratulated Ted for having produced something so close to the original (100 years of ageing less of course). It’s been 14 years since, so let’s see how the 1901 is today.


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Perfect Summer Long Drinks with Pastis and Absinthe

Sitting under a palm tree shaded from the Mediterranean sun, enjoying a peaceful moment, glass of pastis in hand. Sitting by the side of a pool with a mojito. Paradise.

Ok, we may not be able to transport you to the south of France, but wherever you are in the world, we can send you the finest refreshing summer drinks France has to offer. There is nothing better than that on a warm summer day.

We’ve put together a selection of delicious and easy-to-prepare cocktail recipes for you. They can be prepared with the absinthe and syrups made by Combier, a distiller and syrup maker with over a century of experience.


Our selection of long drinks and summer cocktails for 2016

Surprise your friend with a refreshing long drink or cocktail! There are some classic cocktails, as well as some rather new creations in our selection.


Artemisia Cocktail
Realized by Lou Serafini (Hotel 5* Le Burgundy, Paris)


Add all ingredients (except for the tonic water) to a cocktail shaker. Shake briefly and let it rest for 1 minute. Add ice cubes and shake again. Strain into a cocktail glass and fill up with tonic water. Garnish with some dill.



Read More features the Combier distillery

As you might already know, we are featuring one of our distilleries each month. We’ll give you some information on their background, their history and their products.

Today, we continue this series with a distillery in Saumur, located in the Loire Valley, France, and producer of the famous Jade absinthes from Ted Breaux: Combier.

Ted Breaux, creator of Jade, and Franck Choisne, director of the distillery, at the front entrance


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