Absinthe Jade is back!

We’re pleased to announce that the long-awaited Jade absinthes are back here with us, ready to send out. But before going into more details on the new Jade millésime, let’s talk about Sirop de Gomme a little bit:

In the mid-19th century, at a time where specific absinthe spoon had not appeared yet in bistros, absinthe was traditionally drunk without sugar or with a “sirop de gomme” (gum syrup or gomme syrup), an enhanced sugar syrup. At right, an antique Sirop de Gomme label:Combier, producer of the famous Jade absinthes, the Blanchette, the Lucid and some delicious fruit syrups, is one of the only French distillery still making gomme syrup following a traditional recipe and using natural ingredients such as honey and orange blossom: Combier’s Gomme Syrup on Absinthes.com
Gum Syrup

So what is the benefit of using gomme syrup over sugar syrup or sugar cubes? (more…)

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