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organic absinthe

Freiburg Absinthe tasting notes by Marc Thuillier

Another organic absinthe you shall say, one more on the list… Yes but! The Freiburg Absinthe comes from Germany and more importantly, it’s distilled with a grape pomace alcohol base, a very well known alcohol in Italy under the name Grappa. Absinthe + Germany + Organic + Grappa = way too many things? Do not draw conclusions too hastily and see my tasting notes instead.

This absinthe is made by Andreas Dilger, a very renowned winemaker in the Freiburg region of South Germany. He’s most well-known for his organic wines derived from biodynamic viticulture.


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Awen Nature – an organic absinthe distillery

In the small town Chevaigné in Brittany, France, Julien Fanny has founded the Awen Nature distillery, realizing a longstanding dream of his.

He produces the first, high quality organic spirits in Brittany. This includes, among others, 4 absinthes and one ‘almost-liqueur’ flavored using verbena , that we are now proud to offer you in our shop.

Today you’ll learn more about the small distillery, Julien’s bond with nature and tradition, and his use of traditional production methods. And most importantly – Julien’s willingness to experiment and innovate – of the 4 absinthes released by Awen Nature, 3 of them use completely innovative plants to give them colour: Saffron, Verbena and something wild and secret Julien would not share with us!

Awen Nature distillery
Julien Fanny with the copper bain marie stills and his organic spirits


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