tasting absinthe

Absinthe La Faucille Tasting Notes by Stefanie

absinthe_la_faucille_aymonier_la_semilla_franceAbsinthe La Faucille is one of four organic absinthes produced at the Aymonier Distillery in France. This absinthe has a very light green color because the distillers macerate it only for a very short period of time. A real absinthe made only 10km away from Pontarlier, historically the most important location for absinthe production. The Aymonier distillery has the perfect location for both growing their own herbs at an ideal altitude, and collaborating with distillers from the area that have been making absinthe for many, many decades.


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How To Taste Absinthe

Have you ever wondered how some people become experts in the world of absinthe, and why their opinion is valued so much by fellow experts, buyers, business men and absinthe lovers? Is it simply the amount of absinthe they have tasted throughout their career, or is it a special talent that is either there or not?
Or have you ever asked yourself how you can tell a good absinthe from a bad one, how to tell which herbs are included in which quantity compared to the other ones, and so on? (more…)

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